An educational platform that teaches design and IT industry skills to creative young people who are striving for more and willing to invest their resources in themselves and their development.


Brand strategy

Today, the distance learning market is saturated, offering various solutions for teaching classes with different teaching methods. memo’s competitive advantage lies in providing feedback, which enables faster and more efficient learning.

Timely feedback and support mean better results and a deeper understanding of new material.

Our objective, apart from distinguishing the platform from its competitors, was to portray the care, support and communication between the teachers and their students, building trust and fostering a positive user experience.

Brand guidelines

The memo platform utilizes the approach of maximum interaction between the teacher and the student. It is this relationship and support that formed the basis of our team’s work on the branding.

The logotype

Smooth lines, a collaborative joining of the elements aimed at achieving something majorly significant. Inside a square, a symbol of stability and reliability. Purposeful movement creates a result-oriented vortex shape. A feeling of care and support, involute elements representing the spiral of personal and global progress.

Color palette

Our team is very thorough and careful in selecting the colors. Balanced, bright, bold and chosen with regard to the cognitive patterns of color perception. These are the qualities that affect the user, drawing them in and expressing the essence of the brand.

Custom iconography. Attention to every detail

The set of specially designed memo icons highlights and identifies the main features of the app.


Robust and comprehensive branding includes the development of full specifications on logo use, the necessary fonts, primary and auxiliary colors, and more—everything that is necessary for proper and easy brand use to accomplish the brand’s number one goal: be memorable, be distinct, be successful.


We have designed the mascot to represent the attitude and the spirit of support. It is present in the platform, bringing fun and celebrating small victories after each lesson is completed. It is part of gamification and onboarding. The mascot provides positive user experience, making the product friendlier and easier to understand and thus enhancing retention.

Visual identity

The logo, the typography, the color palette—these are the main elements of branding that provide visual communication with the user. For memo, we have created a unique blend of these elements to make a lasting and memorable impression on the user.

Web design

The memo website required some structural changes because the old site architecture was confusing. So our main design task was providing a clear content presentation for the target audience: from optimizing the content and the sitemap to creating wireframes and designing pages based on smoothness and simplicity.


As a result of the memo project, we have a full business development package: branding that includes the logo, typography and color palette, a website redesigned for better UX and an upgraded UI in line with the newly created brandbook.

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