Toyota new vision

The one that is perfect for you

Modernity, comfort, quality in every detail

Strength and beauty in dynamics

Toyota fills you with strength and confidence. It's an image you fall in love with. Just like we fell in love with it, designing it and getting to know the details.

What we wanted to show

Our task was to convey the power, beauty, and reliability of the brand. To give the viewer an instant sense of the car's power and reliability, its strength and capabilities. We created a full CG short film for the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 to show it in action.

We made a 3d model of the car for later use in renderings. Then we put it in an environment where it looks at its spectacular best.

All of the footage sequences showcase the best angles of the car. From the 20 sequences of footage, we chose the best moments for the audio composition and compiled them into a short film. Photoshop, After Effects, and DaVinci Resolve were used in postproduction.

Modeling process

Realistic model

We based the model on a real Toyota Land Cruiser 200 to correctly reproduce the materials and textures of the metal, rubber, leather, and glass. This helped us make the colors, shapes, and proportions realistic. The high level of detail makes the model completely believable.

Realistic environment

To create the environment, we had to develop a model of the desert, mountains, and the garage inside and out. Daylighting makes the composition vivid and clear.

That we’re all about

High quality

Super detail

Feeling real

Real environment

It's an impressive model. We had fun working with it, down to the smallest things. Toyota offers perfect harmony both outside and inside. We admired every detail. And we tried to visually show this harmony and strength.

Eager to bring it to life

The animation shows the stages of model building, from the internal structure to the body surfaces.

The materials and textures complete the process, making the model realistic.

Dream car film

Just look at how beautiful the Toyota is in motion. We have strived not just to show its virtues, but to convey the sense of power and pleasure it gives to the driver.


We've learned a lot from working with the Toyota team. Their organizational processes and communications are as easy and precise as their products.

Working on this project was an invaluable and rewarding experience for us. We are immensely grateful to the Toyota team for their productive cooperation and assistance.

If we have topics that overlap, we’re all about collaborating with our partners to create blog posts, ebooks, and joint webinars.

Brochure for Toyota

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Fresh look and modern design. Results we are proud of

Toyota is not just a big and famous car company. It’s an entire world, a special Toyota universe. In this world, everything works flawlessly and precisely, and every detail is perfect.

That's why it was important for us to fit our design solution into this well-established world order. To follow Toyota’s established guidelines, to retain the feel and style of the brand, but also to bring a fresh twist to the visuals.
We hope we have succeeded. But we will always strive for more and work on our professional growth. With partners as reliable and wonderful as Toyota, we have someone to learn from!

We enjoyed sharing the pleasure of the design process of this beautiful car and hope that you will enjoy it just as much.

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