Think More, Design Less: Quotes to Enrich Your Designer Experience

Quotes by famous designers that will help you work mindfully

Rick Mess       |       November 8, 2021

Each designer’s vision and experience are unique. And no matter its wealth and breadth, it’s still only one person’s experience. There are many ways of enriching it. One of the best methods is to study the experiences of other designers. Looking at their work is good and useful; but what’s even more useful is understanding the way they think, seeing design through their eyes. What do they say? How do they define the goals and purposes of design?

Quotes by smart and talented people are motivating. Their words land right on target, get to the very heart of the matter, make our own thinking clearer.

Everyone will find their own quote here. The one that will help you see design afresh and ignite that priceless spark of inspiration within

Did you notice…?

The same phrase can leave some people inspired and others indifferent, depending on its exact wording. The same is true of visual design. That’s why we designers should look for the images and meanings that make sense to each specific group of users.