Outcrowd Corporate Culture

The experience of building a strong cohesive team

Rick Mess       |       August 14, 2020

We are often asked how we managed to build such a tight-knit team. We are happy to share our experience — hopefully, it will be of use to others.

Initially, we were just a small band of enthusiasts united by common goals and interests. Undoubtedly, we had some achievements, but there were also some misunderstandings. It used to bother us, but looking back all these years later we feel grateful for it. It was these misunderstandings that helped us realize the importance of having a friendly atmosphere in the team. We made it our priority to pick people who can work in a team and avoid conflict. It was a tough but necessary decision. As a result, some original team members were replaced, and this was the right thing to do. The rapport among employees and psychologically comfortable working conditions are too important to be overlooked. Internal management issues are like a snowball that grows with new problems and threatens to smash the common cause. Fortunately, we realized it quickly enough, and it was a valuable lesson.

So we sought to build a friendly team of professionals with good chemistry among the employees. This was a real breakthrough. The wonderful atmosphere of cooperation, amiability, and helpfulness that exists at our studio today did not appear overnight but was attained through focused efforts and a steadfast quest for the magic formula of efficiency. This formula was not devised by us, and it’s no great secret. It’s called corporate culture, and the only thing we added was our passion to build an efficient team and create a place people would enjoy coming to, where they would want to work and everyone would be happy to see each other.

We’re all different, and every one of us is an individual with their own creative personality, views, and experiences. But we are united by the common mission of our team, its goals, and values, as well as our shared views and ambitions. We have found one another because we wanted to and went looking — not just for a pair of hands and a good head, but for likeminded people passionate about what they do. Maybe that’s why our corporate culture was born naturally. It arose out of trust, interest, and fondness for each other, out of a desire to spend more time together, to grow and make progress not only as professionals but as human beings and individuals. Today it is an inseparable part of our lives. We do a lot of things together, which is both exciting and inspiring.

We learn together

Each of us wants to grow professionally. We welcome it and encourage this growth as much as we can. This includes courses in various areas and specializations, training and workshops, participating in design battles, all kinds of lectures, films, and books that we discuss together.

We like traveling

This is our favorite type of common activity. Traveling is a way to widen our horizons, bring new impressions, and find new sources of inspiration. Traveling allows us to study other people’s cultures and traditions. This is not only fun but also essential for our job since we work with customers from all corners of the Earth. Traveling is about new experiences and positive feelings, strengthening our friendship, and achieving better understanding. Many of us love mountains and are willing to overcome any obstacles to reach the peak and greet the dawn. It is thrilling and unforgettable. It’s something every one of us will remember forever.

We love sports

Long working hours at the computer are not exactly good for anyone’s health or clarity of mind, so we compensate by playing our favorite sports: running, basketball, riding bikes and scooters, yoga, and fitness. Our company’s founders have always been fans of team sports and know from personal experience the power of collective accomplishment. When we go on a hike we often play team sporting games, because it’s fun, cool, and addictive!

We love games

There are also other team games that we like. These are intellectual games of logic and smarts that reward intuition and thinking outside of the box. Games of this kind help us train memory and mental skills, teach us to better understand ourselves and others, and naturally make us even closer to each other. During the quarantine, we had to partially move offline and invent new games and challenges, which was a great new experience.


These are large and exciting affairs, which may or may not include games. Normally, these are various themed celebrations, when we invite guests, prepare meals and gifts. We aim to make our celebrations colorful, interesting, and emotionally memorable. Events require serious organization and preparation, but each one is always better than the last!

Lunching together

We have lunch together, which brings us closer. We order food for everyone or cook it ourselves, and that’s also a creative and fun process.

We have a common dog

Once we found a small and weak abandoned puppy in the country. We raised her together, fighting over the right to walk her, play with her, and feed her. Today Alpha is our friend and mascot, a member of our team, and everyone’s favorite. Alpha inspires everybody with her vivacity, energy, and loyalty. She’s funny and heartwarming, and she helps us become friendlier and happier.

To sum it up, we can say it’s no accident that our team has become so robust and efficient. All of us and each of us have put in the effort. And we have no plans to stop!

Every company has its own way, but we hope our experience can be of use.

Sincerely yours,

the Outcrowd Team.