Outcrowd Among Top User Experience Agencies Globally

At Outcrowd, we always put our clients at the top of our priorities. Building digital solutions and delivering comprehensive design and branding is what we do to make our partners happy. For that reason, we are proud to share with you that we’ve been considered one of the most reviewed global UX providers by The Manifest, a company listing resource.

Let’s take a look back to when we first started to see how we qualified for this award:

In 2015

Erik Messaki co-founded Outcrowd to lead businesses as they embrace digital transformation and branding excellence. With his strategic leadership, our company soon became one of the most reliable providers of UX and branding services to businesses of all sizes worldwide.

In 2020

Shift Analytics, a SaaS platform, partnered with Outcrowd for its brand identity and web design efforts. During the engagement, the project direction was guided with the client’s best interests in mind. Since then, we’ve been Shift Analytics’ trusted deliverer of branding solutions in a joint effort to build amazing experiences.

“The quality of work is impressive. They negotiate with us, explain their ideas, and ask appropriate questions. I understand mostly everything that they provide me, so I always know what’s going on.”

— Ted Beshai, Co-Founder & CMO, Shift Analytics

We received a 5-star rating from the client through a B2B ratings and reviews website, which was taken into consideration by The Manifest for its Global Awards.

In 2021

The Manifest names the most reviewed vendors in different industries. We’re honored to be recognized as one of the most reviewed companies in the UX category as it shows our team’s capability for brilliant designs, as well as a high level of service.

“We thank The Manifest for recognizing us as a leader in the space. We also would like to thank our clients for their neverending support throughout the years!”

— Erik Messaki, Co-Founder & CEO of Outcrowd

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