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When does your business need a landing page? Possibilities of landings you may not know about

Rick Mess       |       March 26, 2021

Business owners often ask if they need a landing page and what’s the use of it. Those who are unaware of all the possibilities of a landing page miss an opportunity to push up sales, increase conversions, develop and expand a client base, and much more.

Check if you missed your chance.

Landing is a powerful marketing tool.

A landing page can be called a selling presentation. It draws the attention of users to the selling proposition, demonstrates its advantages, and leads to the desired action. The landing page allows you to achieve the highest conversions by selling “here and now”. It takes a minimum of time and cost to create it, and the result won’t be long in coming.

Skydream — Landing Page

Landing is the best sales tool, but you should make sure if it’s suitable for your business. The peculiarity of the landing page is that it’s a focused tool. A sort of an optic sight through which the user sees your offer. However, this tool is two-sided: the buyer looks at your product, and you look at your buyer (and plan your next steps.

Landing is a focused tool.

Through the optic sight, you can clearly see the picture without being distracted by other things, but the vision area is limited. A landing page is good exactly because it effectively highlights one sentence, shows it to advantage, and provokes the desire to look at the rest. However, its capabilities aren’t limited to this.

1. You’re interested in lead generation

A professionally made landing page uses lead-generating triggers that quickly lead a user to taking targeted action (purchase, subscription, etc.). A regular website or a landing page made with a constructor isn’t capable of such a thing. Interestingly, a short landing page has higher conversions than a long one.

Landing is a lead generation tool.

Landing Page — Payment App E-Pay

2. You need a presentation of a product (service)

If you have a website, it presents your company, not a specific offer, even if it’s advertised on your page. A separate landing page within the website increases sales manifold. Leads from ads are sent to it, and it’s also announced when a marketing campaign is launched.

A landing increases user visit depth and time on the site, which leads to traffic increasing. When a proposal becomes irrelevant, you can replace it with a new one easily.

Landing is a dynamic sales tool.


3. You offer goods (services) of the same type

An excess of similar offers slows down users’ decision-making and often leads to a loss of interest. With the help of a landing page, you put emphasis on one specific offer. It’s shown so interestingly and attractive that the user wants to find a similar one, but with the parameters they need.

Landing is an emphasizing tool.

4. You have an online store or a large assortment of goods

Online stores with a large number of goods often look like a warehouse where it’s difficult to orientate, which causes a feeling of clutter and poor quality of the product (even if it isn’t so). At the sight of a wide variety, users get lost. People don’t want to make a mistake and strive to choose the best, but after a long look-through, all offers visually “stick together”, lose their attractiveness in the eyes of users, and raise doubts about the need to purchase. As a result, visitors leave the page without choosing anything.

Landing is a conversion tool.

The best solution is to create a landing page for a key product and focus on one but impressive and high-quality offer. The user’s interest and credibility to the product are automatically extended to all offers and maintained at a high level until the person finally finds what they really need.

5. You offer no more than 5 positions

In such cases, it makes no sense to create a website or an online store, a landing page is enough. The landing will show a limited number of products in the most favorable light and quickly lead users to the desired action.

Landing is a selling tool.

6. You run promotions

If you’re interested in the promotion of the product, want to show its benefits and arouse interest, present a product or service, increase brand awareness — a landing would be a perfect solution. With its help, the offer always looks presentable and inspires credibility. Visualization of the offer, demonstration of advantages, bonuses, discounts, and promotional gifts — a landing page shows all this beautifully and clearly, attracts visitors, and encourages them to buy.

Landing page — Miracle

Using the landing page, you can analyze and segment your audience, study the demand for a promotional product, and control conversions when content changes. Landing helps to stimulate the purchase of a specific product (sales promotion).

Landing is a stimulating tool.

7. You need an event announcement

Just like with a presentation, a landing page is best suited for announcing events (webinars, lectures, live streaming, contests, festivals, etc.), even if you have a website. Landing allows you to highlight the event, present it in the best light, gather more people. You’ll be able to analyze user traffic, track conversion rates. This will help you understand people’s interest in the event and work to expand your audience. You can also use this page to announce the next event.

Landing is an engaging tool.

8. You’re starting a new business (you’re testing a new product or idea)

Sometimes people are afraid to start a new business, not knowing what awaits them in the market. It’s easy to check this with a landing page.

By making a test landing page and launching minimal advertising, you’ll understand how viable your offer is — whether it’s needed and in demand, can make money on it or not. You’ll be able to test your hypotheses and experimentally evaluate the preferences of visitors. Analysis of user reactions and collected feedback will help you refine your idea. The costs of such testing are insignificant compared to creating an MVP.

Landing is a testing tool.

Alpha — Design Landing Page

9. You’re testing demand

A landing page is the cheapest way to test the presence or absence of demand for a product or service. It’s relevant for both B2C and B2B. You can create several landing pages with different products (services), set up contextual advertising, and analyze the demand for each of them.

Landing is an analyzing tool.

10. You’re collecting user contact information

A landing is ideal for this purpose. One of the reasons for the unwillingness of people to register their data is distrust of the brand and long questionnaires. A professionally made landing page easily solves both problems. It shows all the advantages of the proposal and formulates a clear benefit, eliminates possible objections, and leads to a CTA. A short and simple fill-out form helps users to register their contact details easily.

Landing is a data collection tool.

11. You want to increase the recognizability of a person

A personal landing page (personal brand) is a great platform for promoting a person, as well as the services or products they offer. Landing can be professionally or ideologically oriented (represent your interests, reveal your personality). Your visitors become your subscribers, their community expands, recognizability of the person grows.

Landing is a promotion tool.

12. You want to increase brand awareness

A landing page is a tool for increasing brand awareness which helps to maintain interest in it. You’ll be able to collect leads and, on their basis, form a base of potential customers.

Landing is an advertising tool.

Landing Page — Wedly

13. You want to spread content

This is possible with the help of a so-called viral landing page. The page is created specifically so that a link to it is posted on social networks and sent to friends. The page contains unusual content: video, application, game. It also helps to build brand awareness.

As you can see, even a cursory glance at the landing page features shows that

Landing is a fantastic tool!