Building Business Foundation & Expansion with UI/UX Design

Our UI/UX design approach defines the Outcrowd in the best way.

Rick Mess       |       Aug 17, 2021

A few weeks ago we announced the news that Outcrowd was named as one of the top creative and design companies in Ukraine by Clutch. We explained how big a role reviews played in our inclusion in that list. Today, we’ll be looking at two of our most recent projects and see what it takes to be considered a top performer.

Design as Foundation

The first project we’ll be looking at demonstrates what a business can do once they have a solid design to build on. The client wanted to rebrand all of their collaterals and then base their marketing strategy and campaigns on the result.

This is a big ask for a design job as its success will dictate what will essentially be the future of the company. Fortunately, the client was quite happy with what we had done and brought their vision of the business to life.

Design as Expansion

In much the same vein, design can also be used as an extension of an already established product or service. This is a slightly different task as it requires some prior knowledge of the industry to bring about the desired outcome.

Conducting some in-depth market research may be on the table for some projects like this. We did something like that in reviewing all of the clients and apps and landing pages. Since we were designing an expansion it should blend seamlessly with everything that came before it.

Once again, the client was very pleased with what we came up with and said so in their review.

Design has always been versatile in how it's used and what it's used for. If you want to learn more about how design can make a difference in your business, contact us today.