Sweetle is a food startup specializing in the production of breakfast cereals and related products such as natural jams, sweets, energy bars - all you need for a healthy and energetically charged day.


Brand strategy

Outcrowd team has faced challenging tasks in developing this project including the naming of the company that would convey the character of the brand and being consistent with its positioning in the common competitive food market.

The logotype
Sticker pack

The Sweetle stickers were designed to use them in printed materials, as well as in advertising campaigns.

Packaging design

One of the most exciting processes of the entire project was a product package design. Our team followed the brand’s philosophy and strategy, given its recognition and distinguishing features among the competitors.

Package structure

The package complies with all established standards, eco-friendly and is also addressed to consumers, encouraging them to make the only right choice.

Creating a 3D packaging model

A 3D packaging model was created to visualize the product. This has reduced the cost of the full-scale printing and made it possible to see the final product before its release.

2D illustrations

The illustrations adhere to the space theme and full of their own metaphors - a sense of freedom, the spirit of travel and the limitless imagination. The indirect appeal to the theme of space makes brand illustrations unique and recognizable.

2D illustrations

Take a space trip on the Berry Shuttle and try all Sweetle universe berry tastes.

Blueberry express

Blueberry Way illustration will take you on a journey through the Sweetle universe. Feel the taste of blueberries.

Visual identity

Every detail of the visual representation of the brand is very important as it is direct communication with the consumer. Properly built communication leads to the correct brand’s representation to the end user, as well as to the success of the company.

Mobile App

Our team has designed a mobile application and exclusive illustrations for it, including an illustration for the app splash screen. With the help of the application a user can place and track orders easily. The experience will be as smooth as possible thanks to the online support 24/7.


The whole project includes a full brand package including illustrations, logo, naming, 3D model of packaging, print layouts, color palette, stickers, and improved mobile application in accordance with the new style guide.

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