Top 10 cool neumorphism works

This is a truly awesome comeback in the design world. You better don’t miss this list of neumorphism works.

We have waited for it for a long time and finally, the neomorphism has returned to us. It was a huge trend some time ago and now it is in all new guise. Fully revamped shadows, purity of composition and many incredible elements that we cannot but notice. Based on new design trends, we at Outcrowd,decided to create a selection of the best works on neomorphism in our opinion.

UI Elements byFilip Legierski
Neumorphism byOTAKOYI
Mobile Banking byAlexander Plyuto
Growing 🌿 App bySèrgi Mi
Smart House byOutcrowd
Banking byAlexander Plyuto
Mobile Banking bySèrgi Mi
Smart App byGavrisov Dmitri
Thermostat byEdvinas Narbutas
Phone Screen byEdvinas Narbutas

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