Top 10 Perfect Logos

Be inspired with the set of works we’ve selected

It’s not a secret that one of the most interesting and cornerstone elements of branding is a logo design!
It is very important to know the main criteria for creating logos:
- The logo should be simple!
- The logo must be unique
- The logo should be balanced
- The logo should be recognizable at any size
- The logo should convey the scope of your business
Based on the above criteria, we at Outcrowdhave created a selection of the best logos in our opinion!

Silk branding byEddie Lobanovskiy
Sweetle logotype byOutcrowd
True Ventures byUeno
Clover byOutcrowd
Google IO 2019 byPeter Tarka
Flycloud byDeividas Bielskis
Memo byOutcrowd
DataLight byCuberto

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